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The Charter protects the right of the pro-life community to be a voice for voiceless pre-born children, but governments and abortion advocates are trying to suppress the pro-life message.

Find out how you can defend our voice!

What’s happening?

Abortion advocates are lobbying governments to restrict pro-life speech

London, Ontario

The City of London passed a bylaw in 2022 restricting the distribution of leaflets with fetal imagery to residences. Now, London is trying to place restrictions on all fetal imagery on the streets.

  • A sweeping by-law was drafted in February 2024 that would have banned practically all display of fetal imagery, but London City Council voted on March 5 to request a new report seeking an alternate approach
  • The report is expected by June 2024 latest. There will be a Public Participation Meeting when the new report is ready — contact us if you’re willing to speak at the meeting

Hamilton, Ontario

In November 2023, the City of Hamilton passed a motion (p. 5) calling for a report on restricting any leaflets or signage with fetal imagery. The report is expected Spring 2024, at which point there will be a public participation meeting.

Contact us if you’re willing to speak at the meeting.

Region of Niagara

The Region of Niagara has proposed a sweeping by-law restricting “graphic imagery” on the streets. (Check back soon for more information.) A report is expected on July 10.

Toronto, Ontario

In July 2023, the City of Toronto passed a motion calling for a report on restricting any leaflets or signage with fetal imagery.

The report was delivered on April 16, 2024, and advises against passing any by-laws.

Other municipalities have recently passed by-laws restricting pro-life flyers, such as Calgary, Okotoks (pg. 8), Strathmore, Woodstock (pg. 530), and St. Catharine’s (pg. 46). The City of St. Catharine’s is facing a legal challenge over their by-law, which would affect them all.

Take action!

Make sure councillors hear from the pro-life movement

Sign, email, and if you’re a constituent, meet with your councillor

2. Email City Council

Councillors need to hear from as many pro-lifers as possible. Email City Council no matter where you live across Canada, but especially if you work or live in these cities.

Click the links below to use ARPA’s Simple Mail tool to email city councillors.

3. Meet with your Councillor

If you are a constituent, reach out to your councillor to request a meeting.

Other ways to help

There are more ways to speak up, and we all need to contribute. Are you part of a pro-life group that could write a letter expressing concern? Are you willing to speak up at a public participation meeting? Contact us!

Use your voice

Abortion advocates are trying to restrict the voice of the pro-life movement, and cover up photos of healthy pre-born children and abortion victims.

We need our voice to speak up on behalf of voiceless pre-born children.

Now is the time to use your voice to defend pro-life speech!

Contact us if you need help getting starting or have any questions

“The very heart of freedom of expression”

R. v. Spratt, 2008 BCCA 340

In R. v. Spratt, the BC Court of Appeal said that communicating beliefs about the meaning and value of human life lies at the very heart of freedom of expression

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